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Tying a Knot


Growing Technical Skills

Training: Services

Partner with us in training your team members and see them develop in their collaborative efforts, leadership skills, and technical knowledge of experiential learning.

Who should attend?

 - Course managers and staff

 - Staff with limited or no previous experience

 - Individuals working beyond Level 1 training knowledge

 - Program staff

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Training Options

Training Consortium Membership

Subscribe to our training membership and provide your team with continuous training opportunities to develop their experiential learning knowledge and abilities.

Membership Includes:

  • Three seats to all open training events in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Kansas (signup is first-come-first-served)

  • Lower rates on course inspections

  • Member-exclusive training & networking opportunities


Custom Course Training

These are site specific trainings where we train at your facility to meet the programmatic/safety needs unique to your course. We will work with you to customize the training to ensure your team meets the objectives of your programming.


Open Trainings

Throughout the year we host several trainings on our courses in Tulsa, Oklahoma. These trainings are open to all and registration is based on a first-come-first-served basis. 

Trainings Offered:

  • High Ropes - Level One

  • High Ropes - Level Two

  • Low Ropes - Level One

  • Course Manager

Training: Services
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