The Bearded Team



Inspections, Repairs, Construction

Coty has been the longtime face and name that many of you know! He is the leader of our company and guides the team in many pursuits. If you ever have a question regarding when, how, or what needs to be inspected, built and so much more he is your guy to call. It is rumored that Coty once encountered a bear in the middle of the night, and won.

Just be aware that if you hear him make a "Dad Joke" (for your own sake) please laugh... If you do not, he will proceed to tell you why the joke was funny.. and it only gets worse...



Training & Facilitation

Phil is a purveyor of all things peculiar and practical! His wide array of skills range from large group facilitation to complete home renovation. His humble beginnings started on a small farm in Oklahoma in a town with more cattle than people! He first started in the ropes course world as Level 1 Tech with Challenge Quest in 2013 and has since worked with several companies as an education and corporate facilitator in 41 States and 10 countries.

His hobbies include working on old cars (ask him about his '85 diesel station wagon) and listening to audio books on long drives across the country.



Canopy Tour Operations & Gear Sales

Bogue joined our team in January and in the middle of this pandemic packed up his life and joined us in Tulsa,OK from the West Coast (west coast, best coast). Moving was made easy for Bogue as over the last few years he has converted a bus into his permanent home AND a 15 passenger van (his guest room). Over the past decade Bogue has worked with numerous organizations across the country. He has worked almost every imaginable position in the ropes course industry and has a vast amount of knowledge to bring to the table. On top of other duties he is temporarily handling gear sales alongside Phil.

(P.S.F.Y.I.) If you are ever up late at night pondering the wonders of the universe and trying to figure out how and why we are here, just know, Bogue is as well. 

Forest Trees

Want to join our team?

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